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Brief Introdction

Small Bupleurum Powder
1.Relieve appearance and dispel cold.
2.sooth liver and stomach, gastrointestinal absorption
3.reconcile Shaoyang, appetite increased
4.Clear heat and detoxify, Improve immunity
XiaoChaiHuSan-Small Bupleurum Powder is a kind of feed additive made by fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine.

Product Features:

Main ingredients: Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Ginger Pinellia, Codonopsis, Licorice.
Properties: This product is yellow powder; slightly fragrant, sweet and slightly bitter in taste.
Function: Reconciliation of Shaoyang and antipyretic.
Indications: Shaoyang syndrome,cold and heat exchanges,no desire to eat,low mouth fluid,nausea and vomiting,jet lag,do not want to eat,cold and hot,ears and noses are cold and hot, dry mouth and less fluid, thin white fur, stringy pulse.
Usage and Dosage: 100~250g for horses and cattle; 30~60g for sheep and pigs.
Adverse reactions: According to the prescribed dosage, no adverse reactions have been seen.
Precautions: There is no provision for the time being.
Packing: 1000g/bag
Storage: Airtight and moisture-proof.

Product Parameters:

product name: XiaoChaiHuSan-Small Bupleurum Powder
Product specification: 1000g/bag
product status: Yellow powder
Scope of use: Cattle, horses, sheep, pigs
The main function:
Relieve appearance and dispel cold, sooth liver and stomach, reconcile Shaoyang.
Reference dosage:
150~250g for horses and cattle; 30~60g for sheep and pigs.
1. The color of this product is slightly different due to different carrier batches. Don’t worry about product quality.
2. In the process of transportation, measures such as moisture-proof and sun-proof should be adopted.
It should be clean and hygienic, and it is forbidden to mix and transport with poisonous and harmful substances.


XiaoChai HuSan-Small Bupleurum Powder can be used if the following symptoms occur:
(1)Repeated high fever
(2)Nausea and vomiting
(3)Loss of appetite, lack of energy
(4)Cold and hot
XiaoChai HuSan-Small Bupleurum Powder can solve the problem of preventing various diseases in animals.
before use:
Repeated high fever
Nausea and vomiting
Loss of appetite, lack of energy
After use:
Clear heat and detoxify, improve immunity.
No more vomiting, gastrointestinal absorption, appetite increased significantly.