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Brief Introdction

JingFangBaiDu Powder
1.Improve mental fatigue
2.Soothing wind and dampness
3.The cold is over, no runny nose
5.Healthy mouth and tongue
JingFangBaiDu Powder is a kind of feed additive made by fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine.

Product Features:

Selected Chinese herbal medicines are easily absorbed without residue.
Cutting-edge technology, authentic medicinal materials.
Nepeta: Dispelling wind and relieving table,To stop bleeding
Windproof: Detoxification,Expectorant cough
Qianghuo: Relieve oneself and dispel cold,Dispel cold and dampness
Live alone: Eliminate wind and dampness,Tongbi Analgesic
Bupleurum: Soothing the liver and relieving depression,Cold and fever
Platycodon grandiflorum: Cough and phlegm,Chest tightness
Mint: Refreshing,Ventilation and heat dissipation
Licorice: Detoxification,Expectorant cough

Product Parameters:

product name: JingFang BaiDu Powder
Product specification: 1000g/bag
product status: Light grayish yellow powder
Scope of use: Cow ,Horse ,Sheep ,Pig, Chicken, Rabbit
The main function:
Cold, cold, flu, pungent temperature, relieving the table, soothing wind and dampness
Reference dosage:
240~400g for horses and cattle; 40~80g for sheep and pigs; Chicken, rabbit 1~3g.
1. The color of this product is slightly different due to different carrier batches. Don’t worry about product quality.
2. In the process of transportation, measures such as moisture-proof and sun-proof should be adopted.
It should be clean and hygienic, and it is forbidden to mix and transport with poisonous and harmful substances.


JingFang BaiDu Powder can be used if the following symptoms occur:
(2)Ear shrugging and head down
(4)Thin white tongue coating
JingFang BaiDu Powder can solve the problem of preventing various diseases in animals.
Before use:
cold, runny nose and clear nose
Lethargy, fear of the cold
Thin and white tongue coating.
After use:
The cold is over, no runny nose.
Healthy mouth and tongue