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Brief Introdction

Tylosin Tartrate And Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder
1.Respiratory tract infection is over
2.Improve anti-viral ability
3.Rhinitis is better, prevent infection
Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder used for the treatment treat respiratory diseases caused by E. coli and Mycoplasma in chickens.

Product Features:

English name: Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder.
Main ingredients: Tylosin tartrate, dimethyl pyrimidine alkali.
Properties: This product is white powder.
Pharmacology: Antibacterial drugs. Qinlexin is a macrocyclic inner mouth antibiotic. It mainly acts on the 50S ribosomal subunit of bacteria. It inhibits bacterial protein by blocking transpeptidation and MRNA displacement. Qinleomycin has a strong killing effect on gram-positive bacteria, some gram-negative bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms, and is particularly effective for mycoplasma infections. Sulfamethazine is a sulfonamide antibacterial drug, which mainly inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria by blocking the metabolism of folic acid of bacteria.
Indications: Mainly used to treat respiratory diseases caused by E. coli and Mycoplasma in chickens.
Usage and Dosage: Based on this product. Mixed drinking: per 1L of water, chicken 2-4G, continuous use for 3~5 days.
Adverse reactions: Long-term use can damage the kidneys and nervous system, affect weight gain, and may cause sulfonic acid poisoning. (Notes) The aqueous solution of this product can form complexes and become invalid when it encounters iron, copper, aluminum, and tin ions.
Withdrawal period: On the 28th of the chicken, it is forbidden for the laying hen during the laying period.
Specifications: 100g: Tylosin 10g (10 million units) + Sulfamethazine 10g
Packing: 100g/bag
Storage: shading, airtight, and keep in a dry place.
Validity: 2 years.

Product Parameters:

product name: Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder
Product specification: 100g/bag
product status: White powder
Scope of use: Cow, pig, chicken, duck
Reference dosage: Mixed drink: 2~4g chicken for every 1L of water, 3~5g for continuous use.
The amount of mixing material can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the condition of the disease.


Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder can solve the problem of preventing various diseases in animals.
Before use :
Respiratory tract infection
Mycoplasma infection
Infectious rhinitis
After use :
Respiratory tract infection is over
Improve anti-viral ability
Rhinitis is better, prevent infection