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Brief Introdction

Dimetridazole Premix
Dimetridazole premix is used for swine dysentery caused by treponema. Histotrichomoniasis in chickens (cecal hepatitis), it has broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoal effects.

Product Features:

Product name: Dimetridazole premix
Pharmacological action: pharmacodynamics, Dimenidazole is an antiprotozoal drug, with broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoal effects, not only against anaerobic bacteria, Vibrio coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus and treponema, but also against histotrichomoniasis, fiber Caterpillars, amoeba protozoa, etc.
Adverse reactions: chickens are more sensitive to this product, large doses can cause balance disorders, liver and kidney function damage.
(1) It cannot be used in combination with other antihistonia drugs.
(2) The continuous medication for chickens shall not exceed 10 days.
(3) Banned during laying hens.
Drug withdrawal period: 28 days for pigs and chickens
Packing: 100g/bag x 10 bags/box

Product Parameters:

product name: Dimetridazole premix
Main ingredients: Dimetridazole
product status: white powder
Scope of use: pigs, poultry,chicken
Packing: 100g/bag
Specification: 20%
Usage: Mixed feeding: 1000~2500g for pigs and 400~2500g for chickens per 1000kg of feed.
Validity period: 2 years


Swine dysentery