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We have carried out strict inspection of every part and product,trying to have no quality problems in the hands of customers.

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Answer the customer's question within 8hours,and the service engineer will be on standby 24 hours a day.

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The products are sold to more than 20 provinces,cities and autonomous regions in China and exported to dozens of countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.


20+ Years Experience

Welcome to Our HuaMu factory

We own nearly 20 years experiences in mineral premix matching with dietary formulation, production and supply, 4 separate and professional premix production lines and provide the best recommended mineral nutrition solution for our clients.

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We are a comprehensive modernized feed additive hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. For decades, the company is the pioneer devoting to providing overall solutions on healthy culture of animal.Our mission is "Make Life long feed with Heart",

We are manufacturer with more than 10 years experiences.Welcome to visit our factory at any time. Our main products include all kinds of Feed Additives,Chinese Patent Medicine Granules,Chinese Patent Medicine Oral Liquid,Chinese Patent Medicine Powder and Chemical Medicine.

Star Products

Feed Additives

Brief Introdction SuTi SuTi is can protect the liver and kidney, clear away heat and promote gallbladder, reduce inflammation and promote dampness, detoxification . Improve immunity, less disease, remo

Brief Introdction QiXieKang QiXieKang can improves the immunity of sows and enhances the reproductive ability of sows. Invigorating Qi and Nourishing Blood , increase the litter size of the sow and inc

Brief Introdction WeiChangShu WeiChangShu has many functions such as antibacterial, anti-stress, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, promoting growth and improving meat quality. Product Features:

Brief Introdction LanJing 1.Adjust blue ear disease 2.Improve immunity 3.Prevent disease 4.Bactericidal and anti-virus LanJing is a kind of feed additive made by fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine

Brief Introdction ZhuErJian ZhuErJian can promote digestion and absorption and improve feed conversion rate, provide a good digestion and absorption basis for the later fattening of pigs. Improve the i

Brief Introdction WuTong WuTong is suitable for goose gout caused by parvovirus astrovirus, it can dispel the damp and heat of the lower Jiao, strengthen the body and eliminate the evil, strengthen the

Brief Introdction HuBeiNing HuBeiNing specializing in bronchitis blockage and air sacculitis, it can clearing heat and detoxification, eliminating carbuncle and purging pus, spreading lungs and rash, r

Brief Introdction HaoJiDan HaoJiDan can promote ovarian development and follicle growth, regulate the endocrine system of laying hens, promote ovarian egg development and maturity and increase the numb

Brief Introdction 1800 1800 is used for various viral diseases, especially those caused by mild colds, atypical Newcastle disease and other severe diseases, it is a pure Chinese medicine preparation, s

Brief Introdction ZhiChangKang ZhiChangKang can antibacterial and antiviral,Improve water quality, clean water lines,Improve air quality,prevent intestinal diseases. pure Chinese medicine prepara

Star Products

Chemical Medicine

Amprolium Hydrochloride And Sulfaquoxaline Sodium Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Amprolium Hydrochloride And Sulfaquoxaline Sodium Soluble Powder 1.Anticoccidial. 2

Compound Sulfachloropyrazin Sodium Premix

Brief Introdction Compound Sulfachloropyrazin Sodium Premix 1.Anticoccidial drugs, treatment and prev

Albendazole Ivermectin Premix

Brief Introdction Albendazole Ivermectin Premix 1.Powerful deworming, kill parasites inside and outsi

Dimetridazole Premix

Brief Introdction Dimetridazole Premix Dimetridazole premix is used for swine dysentery caused by tre

Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Carbasalate Calcium Soluble Powder 1.Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, Antipyretic a

Doxycycline Hydrochloride Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Doxycycline Hydrochloride Soluble Powder Combines with bacterial DNA gyrase subunit

Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder

Tylosin Tartrate And Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Tylosin Tartrate And Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder 1.Respiratory tract infection is

Neomycin Sulfate Soluble Powder

Brief Introdction Neomycin Sulfate Soluble Powder Neomycin Sulfate Soluble Powder is mainly used to t